Published: 04/23/2024

If you want to miss out on the next millionaire minting event, you should not buy AI stocks or cryptocurrency. This is not a get rich scheme, but a solid projection on the future.

Lets talk about risk and risk levels

As a whole, this is the breakdown from least to most risky investments you can make:

  1. Treasury Notes
  2. Bonds
  3. Index Funds
  4. Mutual funds
  5. Real Estate
  6. Self Employment / Start a business
  7. Handful of Individual stocks of large corps
  8. Crypto
  9. Gambling in vegas

Quick explanation:

AI Stocks

Below is the list of companies I’m interested in purchasing in my 401ks and IRAs.

Why buy in 401ks and IRAs? Tax advantages and not to mention I’m 34. If these things soar, they are in an account where I won’t be taxed for 30 more years and I can capitalize on their gains. If they crash and burn? Well, I have 30 years to rebuild and grow beyond what I lose. I had a bunch of money invested in a Vangaurd IT fund that I sold and bought holdings in Nvidia, Datadog, Microsoft, AMD and Intel.

My projection is that given the past performance of 40-80% returns over the last 6 months, a 40% a year return per year for the next 3-5 years is very likely with not only hype but adoption of this technology. I see AI becoming a big sector in technology. I could see the market easily grow by 5x over the next 5 years and the stock prices increase to match. If that does occur, I expect most of these companies will do a stock split of some kind.