I’m an avid reader, though most of my reading focuses on fiction I do have a number of non-fiction books I highly recommend to anyone looking to learn and grow their career and personal development.

How do you read so much? I often get this question. There are two pieces to it, if there’s a really good book I want to read, I will first check my library’s digital audiobook collection, if it’s not available and I have to read it, then I checkout Audible. The nice thing about the library is I can get 10 digital copies a month and I have the 2 credit a month Audible membership.

I recommend Audio books over visual reading whenever possible for fiction. Non fiction, I actually tend to read faster when not listening but visually reading. It’s strange I know.

What I’m currently reading

I’m seeking thriller recommendations, if you have any please email me at adam [dot] bourg [@] gmail [dot] com

My reading backlog

These are ideas of books to read, mostly for me to reference when looking for something new to read.

Anything by authors:


Developer books:

Must Have Developer Books

2020 books I’ve read (in no order)

Last updated on 08/03/2020

Total books read so far in 2020: 54

Oh! How I love a good story. My main genres are Thrillers, Crime and some fantasy.