I’m an avid reader, though most of my reading focuses on fiction I do have a number of non-fiction books I highly recommend to anyone looking to learn and grow their career and personal development.

How do you read so much? I often get this question. There are two pieces to it, if there’s a really good book I want to read, I will first check my library’s digital audiobook collection, if it’s not available and I have to read it, then I checkout Audible. The nice thing about the library is I can get 10 digital copies a month and I have the 2 credit a month Audible membership.

I recommend Audio books over visual reading whenever possible for fiction. Non fiction, I actually tend to read faster when not listening but visually reading. It’s strange I know.

What I’m currently reading

June 2020:

Waiting for book to come (yes real paper): Programming Machine Learning by Paolo Perrotta

My reading backlog

These are ideas of books to read, mostly for me to reference when looking for something new to read.

Anything by authors:


Developer books:

Must Have Developer Books

2020 books I’ve read (in no order)

Last updated on 06/09/2020

Total books read so far in 2020: 44

Oh! How I love a good story. My main genres are Thrillers, Crime and some fantasy.