Published: 12/02/2020

Today is day 6. Not much to report. The weight had no gain and no loss. Grated potatoes is delicious and probably unhealthy, but its becoming my preferred way to eat them. I’m learning that microwaving potatoes tends to dry them out, so I need to find a solution to that problem. Was very tempted by the potato chips at Starbucks but I resisted the urge, I got a grande black pike instead; was going to go to Panera, but last minute switched to Starbucks because they have the Christmas Blend, well, they stop serving that at noon. Bummer. Apparently grated sweet potatoes burn in the oven after about 30 minutes, they cook really fast… Its interesting and weird at the same time, this potato diet. Finally a bunch of people on the internet don’t approve of my approach, but who cares what the internet says?