Published: 11/28/2020

This is day two. I wrote about day one, on day two and that was hard, hard to remember all the amazing things that happened yesterday like all the food I did not eat. But today, it’s easier because it’s fresh in my mind. This might be boring for some of you, so feel free to skip along.

Day 2

I’m jolted awake by my wife, the baby is upset again. It’s 7:00 AM on a Saturday, dude go back to bed. But I get up, take a leak and step on my Withings scale. It tells me the weather, which basically says its going to be awful, but it tells me the most amazing news: I’m 326 LBS. 9 pounds DOWN? Either Withings is lying to me, or this is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!

I get the baby up, change his diaper, take him on a car ride to Panera. I stop for some free black coffee, a large ice water then head to get my wife a bagel from Enstein’s and a Chai from Starbucks. That was my idea, I’m a nice husband like that :)

Anyways, its now about 8:30 hadn’t eaten a thing. We put the kid down for his nap around 10, he refuses and I take him to target to buy supplies for two weeks of eating. I already bought potatoes so this was for the wife and kiddo. He of course falls asleep on the way home from the store so I pick up my wife, drop off the food and head to her pilates class.

It’s now about 12:15 and I’m scarfing down 7 petite potatoes, about 250 calories total. Chugging water and black coffee, I feel elated and happy to be alive. I refused to wear a coat all day, even though it doesn’t get above 38 today, and I’m hoping I’m cycling in enough cold to trigger my body.

I pick the wife and baby up some lunch (I’m the feeder, I feed the family). Then pick up the wife and head home. It’s now 3:15 pm, I just finished my other blog post about day 1, drank coffee and ate, you guessed it, a red potato. I’m either going to take the non sleeping baby for another car ride, or I’m going to clean the kitchen and garage.

I’m hungry but the potatoes keep the hunger at bay for now. This diet is great. I can’t wait to get on the scale tomorrow.