Published: 04/24/2024


Lets talk about the past Bitcoin performance

Ok, I’m going to end the marketing hype. Yesterday, I talked about AI stocks, today it’s crypto.

I believe I missed the first crypto event: bitcoin in 2013 when it opened the year at $13 a coin and closed at $100 a coin. I missed several more events, 2016 it was around $900 a coin. I could have easily bought a few coins and stashed them. Just like all my weird coworkers were doing. Weirdos.

1 Bitcoin today (4/24/2024) is worth $64,577.70. If I spent $130 on bitcoin in 2013, I would have 10 coins, or about $645,777.00. In 2016, if I bought 1 coin in 2016 I would have $64,577.70 in value. 2013 to today, the increase is 4967 times it’s 2013 value, that is a 496,700% increase over 11 years, or average of 45,000% per year. In 11 years, $1000 could have been $4.9 million.

Shiba Inu Crypto

Today’s price is $0.000026. Yes 4 zeros then a 26. 1 penny will buy 38,000 Shibas. Thats a lot of Shibas. I bought in 2021 when the price was $0.0000093867. I had bought a total of 15,104,068.82 shibas. At today’s pricing, that is $347. Not bad for at most $200 of investment. The highest was in 2021, $0.00008616. My 15,000,000 would be worth $1292.42. Great return. I should have sold then.

Would I buy today? Well, I bought $50 worth a few days ago. Waste of money? Maybe? At worst I’m out $50, at best I’m up a few hundred. I have had a few dollars that sat in Shiba for 2 years since then 2021 transactions, they doubled a few times, turning $1.08 into almost $5. Not amazing money, but great returns for doing absolutely nothing.

Suggested Alt AI Coins

If you watch this video: ‘Buying AI Altcoins NOW Will Make You A Millionaire! [Last Chance To Buy]’. He will suggest these coins to buy:

coin price
AGIX $0.99
FET $2.24
RNDR $8.67
TAO $460.71
AIOZ $0.71
ATOR $2.44
RSS3 $0.3837
MASA $0.2197
GMRX $0.008103
Aethir Up coming

Things I’m going to buy

Thats a neat list above, I’ll probably buy GMRX because it’s really cheap, Aethir because the inital coin is coming up. I’m looking at buying the latest meme coin DogeVerse. It has beat all presales levels, estimated to be at the $0.0015 level. I’m holding my ethereum and not buying more Shiba. I have $100 into that doggie but I am not sure thats the right choice.

What I would suggest is to take $500-1000 and dump into the top 5 or 10 coins, the top 3 new ones and the rest bigger market cap coins like bitcoin, ethereum things like that.

Where are you going to invest in crypto?