Published: 09/03/2020

July 30, that is the last day you posted. Now 3 posts in 3 days? What is going on MAN? Glad you asked, rather I asked it for you. August was a whirlwind of things:


On top of all of that, I’m working on a book… Sort of. I’ve written 3 rough chapter drafts to 12 or more chapter manuscript. Basically, recruiters, new recruiters, boom camp grads and all kinds of people want to pick deal ole Adam’s brain about the industry, working with developers and getting hired. Well, other then a bunch of ear wax and guesses, there isn’t much up there but people always find something valuable out of me. I like helping people, so I decided to write an E-book.

This is the 3rd book I’ve “decided to write”. The first one was going to be a fiction about a chemist who decides to turn his lab into a meth production facility then use the dark web to sell and get rich. Dead drops and bit coins, all that fun stuff. Lets just say, I watched a bit to much breaking bad and listened to many crime novels while I was working on that idea. I wrote an introduction / high level plot. My wife thought it sounded crazy… and out there…

My second idea was about a criminal with a badass car, not the bat mobile, but basically a highspeed chase through the city of Denver. It might be able to shape shift, I’m not really sure. I had written about a chapter on this one too.

Why do I want to write books? Well, I read about 1-3 a week of fiction and I love the spy, crime, techno thriller genre so why not? Never mind I do not have any experience writing fiction and I do not like writing poems or short stories. I do however love blogging.

Why a non fiction? Two reasons: Share knowledge and add something to the resume. I mean if you self publish a 200 page guide on Linkedin, well buddy that shows inititave. It sells a brand man, it sells Adam Bourg as a go gitter, someone serious about his craft and passionate about it to talk to anyone about it. So passionate he’ll waste months working on a book that might only sell a few copies.

My book

It’s flushed out, I have a mind map for it. Basically its a linkedin marketing book for developers. It’ll have recruiter interviews, linkedin profile configurations, tips & tricks, how to get noticed, how to build a network etc… It comes from the perspective of nearly every job I’ve gotten in the last 10 years has come from my contacts on Linkedin, new and old. How to leverage the platform to get the results you want from your career.

The goal is an early January release, but I’m a software engineer and you know how most of us are with estimation and deadlines.

Please let me know if you’d review it and read it.