Scrum is the new waterfall

Published: 11/10/2015

Scrum while great in theory is in practice a really flawed process of creating software. Scrum is iterative waterfall. Scrum is process hell. Saying this, may get me shunned and kicked out of the Agile club. But I really believe that the bane of our industry is the process management called “Scrum”.

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Thoughts for Thursday: Have some sample code

Published: 11/05/2015

Code is like a living resume. You are constantly changing and learning, or at least I hope you are. If you’re a developer, you may never know when you might be out of a job, so just like it’s a great idea to keep your resume up to date, I highly recommend keeping some sample code around.

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Meetings are a finite resource

Published: 10/20/2015

My team at UHG has about 13 individual team members. We have 3 full time developers, 3 part time developers, a scrum master, business analyst, product owner, engineering director, project manager and two QA testers.

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Write better specs!

Published: 09/29/2015

I love RSpec. It’s one of the best tools on the web for opensource developers to write tests. Nothing compares to its power, ability and extensibility. Mocha and Chai for Javascript pale in comparison to its ability to test.

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Thoughts for Thursday: Lazy rebasing

Published: 09/24/2015

Rebasing is extremely useful, lets say you branched off of release 1.8.3 and need to fix a defect, but it wasn’t completed until 1.8.3 was already on production and 1.8.4 is the new hotness. git rebase release1.8.4 defectBranchName will take defectBranchName and reapply the commits over release1.8.4’s history instead of what it was originally based off of.

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