Published: 08/10/2015

As a software engineer you have two of the most powerful abilities on earth.

  1. The ability to translate user need into a functional product. This ability gives you the power to generate millions of dollars in revenue, transform healthcare or education, and take over the world. Your insight into the world can be modeled in code and machines to literally move entire mountains, launch craft into space and publish “Grumpy Cat” memes all over the internet.

  2. The second ability is to quickly learn, adapt and integrate new thoughts and ideas into your world view. The ability to learn so fast that within a (day, week, month, year) you’re an expert on C++ or some new technology gives software engineers like you a unquie position in the world to leverage the power of our tools to transform the world.

Given these two abilities, how are you building yourself up? Are you going beyond your comfort zone? Are you learning new technologies?

I am in the process of learning C# so I can be an expert in building Windows desktop applications. I’m learning Node and Javascript MV* so I can be even better in building web applications and meeting the needs of the growing world around us. I’m even thinking of getting my Masters in Computer Science with an emphasis in Security so I can help our world be free of attacks.

Software isn’t going to write itself. The world needs thinkers, thought machines, idea people and most of all super heroes of engineering who can transform the world’s ideas into real world applications. You need to move and push yourself: TODAY.