Published: 12/06/2020

Today is day 9; I’m about to close it, it’s been a interesting week. My goal wasn’t to blog everyday and I’m glad I didn’t otherwise I’d have failed miserably. My fat is disappearing at a speed I never could have imagined. It’s totally transforming my life. Today is a recap of how things are going.

Non scale victories

I’m kicking ass at the weightloss, but sometimes its a good idea to focus on some non scale victories; that’s where I’m going to start.

The biggest non sacle victory was on Saturday night. I went to bed on Friday having only ate some potatoes at dinner. It was about 6 pm when I last ate. I wokeup the next day, took my son on a morning drive to Panera to get coffee while the wife slept in. She slept and I drank a bunch of ice water & coffee. Suddenly it’s 9:30 AM and we’re home then the baby gets fed. By noon I’m getting hungry. I decide not to eat until after my 1 pm pilates class. Well, I get home about 2:15 PM and I’m hungry but it’s only 4 hours until dinner. Here’s the kicker though, we’re having dinner at my in laws and they’re making fresh spaghetti with homemade noodles and meatballs; yummers?!??! I wait until dinner to eat, but I planned ahead. I brought a half dozen potatoes, yukon gold potatoes, with some rosemary and smoked paprika. I tossed in some oil (A cray ray No No) and the potatoes where MEH; dry and not super good. After a few but supportive questions my in laws didn’t care and didn’t ask me more about the diet. I was free to eat a plate of potatoes for dinner.

I didn’t even plan a 24 hour fast, it just happened. It led to scale victories.

How do I feel?

So happy, no moodiness, no crankiness. Life is good. On hacker news people asked about poop and yes, that still happenes but to a much smaller quantity. At a baseline until 10:30-12:00, unless I wake up before 7am, I’m not really that hungry. I hang on as long as I can before eating. It gives me control and I love being in control.

Stat time

It’s Stat time. Today, December 7, I’m down 23 pounds. From 337 down to 314. My starting line is when I got my Withings scale, it was Nov 20, 2020. 16 days and 23 pounds; an average of 1.43 pounds lost per day! I weight 327 when I started the potato diet, thus on the diet I’ve lost about 15 pounds. But down overall 23 pounds towards my 100 pound goal. This is remarkable and is motivating me to keep going. If this trend continues, I have 52 days left of eating this way; by Thursday, January 28, 2021, I could weigh about 230 pounds! The END of January!!!! That’s insane! That probably won’t happen, but who knows.

What’s next?

Plant based diet all the way. I’m planning our Christmas dinner to be plant based with ham for the wife and kiddo. Recently my wife and I compiled all of our favorite recipes and we came up with 12-15 common meals we rotate among 20 favorites. This is seasionally approprate and things we tend to love to eat. The cool thing about recoginizing the common pattern is I’m now compiling a list of recipes, plant based / vegan, recipes to try. The intent here is to have 10-15 easy to make recipes that I can serve myself while serving my family what they want. I have to become fanatical about this. Plant based is the way, it’s going to be more like religion and ideology and less like going on Paleo. I’m all in baby.

Once I have a dozen of dinner and lunch recipes that I like, I can rotate through them so I can enjoy my diet more while staying healthy.