Know thyself

Published: 09/01/2015

Who are you? Do you even know? Sure you’re you, and you grew up on that street with those friends. You had that family and you do those things. Everyone can say that, because everyone is that.

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Static site hosting using Amazon S3

Published: 08/25/2015

My wife and I sell gluten free cookies at local coffee-shops and farmers markets. We love this business, it’s a lot of fun and time to spend together. We recently needed a website as we’re starting to approach local grocery stores and they need to read about our product.

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Move beyond your comfort zone

Published: 08/18/2015

When in life do you grow the most as an individual? Is it through the easy, everything is good time of life? I doubt it; college was tough for me. I went from home schooled from K-12 to the real world of classroom learning, where I obtained knowledge by more then just reading a book.

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Secure credential storage

Published: 08/11/2015

A couple of weeks I reviewed a pull request from one of our consultants. It contained a set of credentials to authenticate to a health API which could obtain production PHI. That information was stored in source control in plain text.

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Time Boxing: An Agile strategy for life

Published: 08/04/2015

In life there are many things you don’t want to do, such as get the car worked on, mow the lawn or workout. I hate working out, I don’t like the feeling of being sweaty and out of breath.

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Embrace Change

Published: 07/29/2015

This summer my wife and I traveled overseas to Asia. Oh Boy, was it a different experience! From the people cutting you off in line to riding in a elevator with 40 Chinese when the elevator is supposed to take only 25. What a crazy experience.

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Designing Applications for HIPAA

Published: 06/30/2015

Welcome to my blog. I’m Adam. I’m a Senior Software Engineer for a health insurance company. Me and my team are designing the next generation web applications that will transform the healthcare industry. Currently we’re building a call center application in Javascript.

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Free Blogging course for developers

Published: 06/25/2015

What is the number 1 way you can stand out as a developer? Sure you can have a really awesome Github with tons of code contributed, but if I’m in HR do I really care or understand that you’ve written significant parts of Ruby core? Probably not. That’s why you need to checkout this really awesome guy, John Sonmez, over at Simple Programmer.

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