Published: 03/17/2017

I’m a big fan of command line tools, I live by the command line, I do my job by the command line. I hate with a passionate fire, copying and pasting text. When I switched to Jekyll for my blog, I decided I needed a command line tool to generate the blog posts in the correct format so I can get layout, title and the correct file name structure.

To achieve this I wrote this bash script

#!/usr/bin/env bash
timestamp=$(date +'%Y-%m-%d')
hypened="${argumentsAsString// /-}"

touch $filename

echo "---" >> $filename
echo "layout: post" >> $filename
echo "title: $*" >> $filename
echo "---" >> $filename

Basically this script takes the current year, month and day, formats them and joins them with your arguments using a hyphen. This is great because to run you just do something like

./newPost Bash Hacking to add easy interface to Jekyll for creating blog posts

Which generates a file:


I love this, because all I have to do is edit, commit and push, bam! I’ve written a new post easily. No hosting, no SQL injection, no Wordpress updates. Just write in Sublime and I’m done.