Published: 01/08/2016

In 2015 I read 31 books. I am totally amazed at the number of books that I read because the year before I’m pretty sure I only read about 5 books. Each book is put into a category, and I’ll review the category and call out specific books that I feel are really special.

How did I read so many books? In January 2015, I signed up for Audible. Audible is amazing, I love being able to listen to a book on my commute and on long drives. The other half of the answer is I have a Kindle Fire HD, I bought it in July on sale for $99 for our cruise to China. I was able to read about 8 books on the trip with Kindle Unlimited. Its a really awesome deal, basically you get 10 books out in the library for $10 a month. I can checkout about a million different books from big authors like J. R. R. Tolkien to Sam Sisavath.

The review

Tom Clancy is now one my favorite authors, I really enjoyed the Full Force and Effect series, it triggered me to read the very beginning of Tom’s career. This has spawned a new interest in Russian’s and the Soviet Union. The details in the books are really truly amazing, the stories are extremely well developed. When you read the story, you feel like you are apart of the story, that you are apart of Jack Ryan’s life and you understand the character. If you haven’t ready any of them, they are truly amazing.

The Passionate Programmer. I read this because I was feeling like this software industry might not be for me. I read this to rediscover my passion and it helped ignite a passion for writing quality software and craftsmanship. It triggered me to start the Pragamtic Programmer and start a blog.

The Automatic Customer. I read this to help our cookie business become a subscription business but have not yet applied the book to my small business.

The Purge of Babylon series. I love this series, I’m fully addicted. Its a series written by Sam Sisavath. It’s a really detailed series, not on the same par as Tom Clancy, but it is still a really great read. I enjoyed the series and on my cruise in China this summer, I read the first 7 books in the series–I could not put this book down.

Atlantis series. These are written by another independent author. This is a series about Atlantis and deeply explores our religions, our history and the concept of Atlantis by evolved humans or other species. This is truly a mind bending series. Highly recommened scifi series.

Last Stand Series. A story about the invasion of America by Russia and China. It has a politically conservative bend to the story, while it was a good story it was extremely political. I liked it, 3 out of 5.

The Lord of the rings. I started with the hobbit and absolutely loved Billbo and I then picked up the Lord of the Rings. It was a book on audible, it was a truly mind bending, detailed account of the hobbit’s journey. I recommend the hobbit and the lord of the rings for anyone looking for a long, detailed, joyful read.

The List

Tom Clancy:

Full Force and Effect: A Jack Ryan Novel

The Hunt for Red October

Patriot Games

Red Rabbit

Business books:

The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry

The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development (Pragmatic Life)

Religious non-fiction:

The Christian Atheist

Soul Detox

The Purge of Babylon Series

The Spears of Laconia

he Fields of Lemuria

The Walls of Lemuria

The Isles of Elysium

The Ashes of Pompeii

The Fires of Atlantis

The Stones of Angkor

The Gates of Byzantium

The Purge of Babylon

Last Stand Series:

Last Stand: Turning the Tide

Last Stand: Warlords

Last Stand: Patriots

The Lord of the rings

The Two Towers: Being the Seco

The Return of the King: Being

The Fellowship of the Ring: Be

The Hobbit

The Atlantis Series:

The Atlantis World

The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis Plague

Misc books / series:

The Silver Ships

Dawn: Xenogenesis, Book 1

World After

Laughing at My Nightmare (non-fiction)