The Opportunity

$2-5 per bag

Most grocery stores in Colorado sell their ice for between $2 and $5.

What does water cost?

We can sell water too! City of Lakewood and Denver sells their water @ the rate of $4.66 per 1000 gallons. Half a penny or less for water!

We can sell water too!

With water costing less then 1 cent, we can easily sell 1 gallon of water for 40 cents. The average grocery store sells their water for $0.69.

How much can a machine make?

The average Twice the Ice Machine in the US makes approx. $100,000 per year in gross sales.

How much do they cost?

The Ice House itself retails for $150,000. Site fees for water taps and power are extra. Estimated total build cost is about $250,000.

What about winter?

Because it's inside building we don't need to winterize the structure. We will need to run some heaters to keep the room above freezing. We can sell water and ice year round, though most sales will be of water in the winter.

Our Pricing

$0.40/gallon water, $1.75 for a 10 pound bag, $3.00 for a 20 pound bag. $2.50 for a bulk 20 pound (eg a cooler).

What about bagged ice at the store?

The key problems with bagged ice at the store are the price and the fact that many stores run out during the summer. By making ice onsite we don't need to stock or supply anything.

What do they look like?